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GPU Sharing Economy

One simple interface to find the best cloud GPU rentals. Reduce cloud compute costs by 3X to 5X.

Transparent Price Efficiency

There are many cloud computing providers, each with their own idiosyncratic interfaces, naming conventions, and pricing systems, making direct comparisons more difficult and leading to vendor lock-in. Our search interface allows fair comparison of compute offers from all providers, large and small. You can save ~3x to 5x for many workloads by using peer providers running powerful but affordable consumer GPUs.

Tapping the Vast Power of Decentralized Compute

Today most of the world's general compute power consists of GPUs used for cryptocurrency mining or gaming. Due to new ASICs and other shifts in the ecosystem causing declining profits these GPUs need new uses. Vast simplifies the process of renting out machines, allowing anyone to become a cloud compute provider resulting in much lower prices.

Democratizing AI

Machine learning is progressing towards powerful AI with the potential to radically reshape the future. We believe it is imperative that this awesome power be distributed widely; that its benefits accrue to the many rather than the few; that its secrets are unlocked for the good of all humanity. Towards these ends we work to ensure that the compute powering AI is supplied by the people and for the people.